CHEAT -- YA, multicultural, 63k words
(finished; currently querying, subbing to pubs)

Mission: Get into Stanford

Obstacle: Failing grade in physics

Solution: Run school-wide cheating scam

Hannah Alice Lee’s parents expect the best from their Chinese-American daughter and according to them, Stanford is the best. What isn’t the best is Hal’s failing physics grade. So what’s a girl to do?

Cheat, that’s what.

Before long, Hal finds herself running a school-wide cheating operation that not only involves the super smart nerds and the super hot jocks, but also the super bad-news bad boy of Fernwood. Throw in a wacky loud-mouth best friend, a cheerleader who is out for blood, and a new guy who makes Hal swoon and you’ve got yourself one heckuva senior year.


WIP -- YA, multicultural
(outlining; head banging)

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