Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Well well ...

At 8 something PM tonight, I got a partial request. Wahoo! I'm thrilled, of course, but also nervous. Look, it's no secret at this point ... something is simply not working with my ms. I'm only to submit the first 30 pages and I'm wondering if I should make any changes before I submit. 30 pages? If I am to make any adjustments, that won't be difficult.

I don't know. Is this lunacy? Am I talking like a frantic crazy woman? All I know is, if I submit my ms as is, it's going to get a big fat R in no time. And no, this isn't a defeatist's attitude. I honestly don't think my ms is in top notch stellar shape at present. Clearly, SOMETHING is clicking with agents and it appears that I write a mean query, but the entire ms as a whole is .. not. Looking at it with clearer eyes, I would have to agree. It's not very good.

Sigh. Thoughts?

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