Thursday, September 20, 2012

Woot woot

Kind of woot woot.

Had a long phone conversation with the agent today and we talked about what direction to take my book. Loved her suggestions; was super awesome to bounce ideas back and forth. I am now gearing up for my 2nd R&R (does NOT seem like I'll be given a 3rd chance, from the sounds of it) and I'm excited. I wasn't happy with my book as is, and really ... no one should have offered rep, so this is the best possible outcome.

FYI -- agents typically don't send out subs between Oct. to Dec. because pub houses won't look at them. They're too busy trying to wrap up the year. With that said, I have up until January to get all this work done. (I mean, I can until whenever I say so, but the earliest is Jan.)

Mood: happy!

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