Thursday, August 29, 2013

Back to work

Outlining for Book #2 has begun! It took a couple weeks to really pin down what kind of book I wanted to write, who I wanted to write for, and most importantly, what kind of a story I wanted to tell. There was a lot of frantic Post-It scribbling, swearing, and moaning (the last two, possibly symptoms of being 7.5 months pregnant in this 85 degree heat), but I think I've found my new cast of friends and a humorous lighthearted plot that should make for enjoyable reading.

It's fun comparing the process with what I did the first time around. I started CHEAT in July of 2011 -- I think I even have the actual date circled somewhere -- and it was such an exercise in trial and error. I'm sure my 2nd attempt will be no different, but I'm hoping to encounter different trials. (It'd be nice if I learned a thing or two from my first go-around.)

Currently, my main struggle is in completely stepping away from CHEAT and solely focusing on Book #2. Any advice or tips would be greatly appreciated. It's really difficult evicting characters you've created (and love!), but brain real estate is limited and I can't handle too many people running around upstairs.

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