Friday, August 23, 2013

Hello ... ?

Time to dust off the cobwebs around here. I've been working on ideas/outlines for my next book these days -- by which I mean, I'm procrastinating and tooling around the interwebz more than I should. Remembered that I started this blog over a year ago and decided to come back to it. It was really sweet reading my old posts; makes me wish I was a diary-keeper. I wrote in a journal for most of my high school days but re-reading those entries is an exercise in humiliation. (So-and-so is hot! I hope he likes me too!) Sadly, that discipline wore off soon after college began and years later, here we are.

Well. Well. Well. What else is there? Since the last post, I finished revising CHEAT and am now represented by Steve Kasdin at Curtis Brown. Receiving his offer over the phone was everything I'd ever imagined: balloons, confetti, fist-pumps, high-kicks, decibel-shattering squeals, the works. (Minus the balloons and confetti. We did celebrate with nachos the next night though.)

I'm working on Book #2 now, but that's slow going. It's hard to focus on new characters, a new story, when I'm still in limbo with my first book. Oh. Right. And you know, I'm about 7 months pregnant, so that means every time I sit down to write, I have to get back up in the next 3 minutes to pee. Or eat. Or sleep. Or eat some more.

But hey. I'm not complaining. Life = good.

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